Virtually everyone slips or stumbles at some point in time. Perhaps they were in a hurry and simply lost their balance, which only injures their pride. However, a property owner may be at fault if one’s slip and fall results in bodily harm. 

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury due to a slip and fall, you may have a right to compensation. Property owners can be held liable for creating or neglecting the conditions that caused your injury. In order to ensure you receive a fair personal injury settlement, reach out to Davana Law Firm and speak with our experienced slip and fall lawyer. We fight for folks throughout Los Angeles, CA, and get them the financial support to recover from their injuries. 

Below, we outline the three perks of hiring a slip and fall lawyer to represent you: 

Take the Lead on Your Case

If you contact a lawyer for a slip and fall (or another personal injury) case, you’re probably in a tough spot. If injured, you’re trying to focus on recovering and getting back to work. If a loved one is injured, you’re trying to care for them and manage their expenses. 

It almost goes without saying that filing a claim is a lot of work. But when you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, they can take charge of the process. So while you focus on recovering or caring for a loved one, your representation handles the legal proceedings. 

Also, a slip and fall attorney will have a strong grasp of your state’s property and liability laws. They can quickly build a solid case and guide you through the tedious claim-filing process. Plus, should it go to trial, your lawyer can argue your claim in court.

Represent You in Court

To be clear, slip and fall claims rarely go to trial. Instead, these cases are usually settled out of court by the injured party and the property owner. But no guarantee for this outcome exists. 

Should a trial occur, your lawyer will represent you. And while it may be nerve-wracking for you, your lawyer is familiar with court procedures and practices. Thus, they can guide you through the complex processes of trial-going and even taking the stand. 

Your case will be heard when its turn comes on the “trial docket” of your local civic court. Since slip and fall cases are among the less complicated, your trial will likely last two to five days. But, once again, no guarantee exists for this outcome.

Get You a Higher Settlement

Should a case get settled out of court, some people may feel that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary. But even if you are offered a settlement without filing a claim, keep in mind that a lawyer can probably get you a higher settlement

There are a few reasons for this. First, the property owner’s insurance company may underestimate the value of your claim. Also, a slip and fall lawyer knows what crucial details to look for. One fact that you found trivial may end up boosting your claim significantly. 

And while hiring a personal injury lawyer may seem expensive, most will work for a percentage of your final compensation. At Davana Law firm, we don’t charge you until your case has been settled and you have received the compensation you are owed. Since you are more likely to get a higher settlement with a lawyer than without one, we would recommend working with someone on our team. Thus, it’s worth speaking with an attorney before deciding against one. 

Get the Settlement You Deserve With Davana Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA!

If you or a loved one fell and sustained a serious injury on another’s property, you may be entitled to financial redress. Call Davana Law and ask to speak with our professional slip and fall lawyer. We accept cases throughout Los Angeles, CA, and fight to get our clients back on their feet again. Call us today at (818) 501-1055 or fill out our online form.