More than 5 million car accidents occurred in 2020. Given this frequency, any of us could end up in a vehicular accident one day, no matter how much we try to avoid it—yet many people are unsure how to act after a car accident. Staying calm, checking for injuries, and exchanging information can help smooth the legal processes after such incidents. Then, seek a car accident attorney to help you receive appropriate compensation or represent you if your case goes to court.

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Below, we outline the steps you should take after a car accident: 

Stay Calm, Check for Injuries, and Call the Police 

The last thing anyone needs after an automobile accident is chaos. Try to drive your vehicle to the side of the road or an area away from passing traffic. If you can’t do so, at least ensure that your car comes to a complete stop. Stay calm and check that you, and any passengers, have none of the most common car injuries. If you have, remain still and wait for emergency medical services to arrive. Tell any injured passengers to do the same. 

If you can stand and move following the crash, check on the other driver(s) and their passengers, no matter who you believe is at fault. The site of a car accident is not a place to shift blame. After checking on everyone, call 911 and report the accident. 

Exchange Information and Gather Evidence

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After calling the police, exchange pertinent information with the other driver(s). Avoid accusing another person of the incident, even if they do so to you; an argument will only make the situation more stressful. Write down the year, make, model, and color of the other car(s), along with the full name of the other driver(s).

You should also record the accident’s location and at least approximate your speed at the time of impact. If there were witnesses to the incidents, ask for their names and contact information, as their reports may be essential for the insurance claims process. Take pictures of the crash site and the vehicles involved for your records.

When they arrive, ask the police for their names and badge numbers. You can also request a copy of their incident report, which your car accident attorney may need.

Contact Your Insurance Provider and an Accident Attorney

Once you have left the crash scene and returned home, call your car insurance provider, even if the accident was your fault. Usually, your provider will need basic information about the accident to open a claim, including any pictures or videos you took. No matter how minor or severe the accident, claims can become complex and involve multiple information sources. 

Once you’ve provided information to your policy provider, call a car accident attorney to assess your options. They can recommend whether you’ll need legal services, especially if another driver’s insurance provider tries to settle with you. Never accept a settlement without consulting an accident lawyer, as they will know the compensation you deserve. 

Turn to a Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles, CA!   

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