When people don’t put the necessary time and energy into properly training their pets, it can lead to another person’s injury. In the case of a dog bite, owners should be held accountable for their negligence that led to the attack. 

If a dog has bitten or otherwise harmed you, it’s possible to seek damages for financial losses you’ve faced and for any physical and emotional suffering. California is a “Strict Liability” dog bite state, which means the dog owner claims complete responsibility for their dog’s actions, including all injuries and damages resulting from the accident. When provocation and trespassing aren’t an issue, the owner is liable. 

A professional dog bite attorney can help guide you through the process. At Davana Law, our expert attorneys have won over 500 hundred personal injury cases that have successfully allowed our clients to receive the compensation they needed to cover medical bills and more. 

Below, we list four things you can recover with your dog bite claim:

1. Medical Bills

The most immediate expenses resulting from an animal attack are medical costs, such as hospital and doctor visit bills, medication, physical therapy, or even psychological treatment. 

Also, if you have a pre-existing condition that is worsened by the dog-inflicted injury, you may receive additional compensation. 

2. Pain and Suffering

Along with the trauma of the attack itself, the injury may also cause both physical pain and emotional distress. Victims may endure discomfort from medical procedures as well as anxiety and a debilitating fear of dogs in their everyday life. Your lawyer can negotiate a fair amount for pain and suffering based on your specific situation. 

3. Disfigurement

If the dog bite injury leaves the victim with a permanent disability or disfigurement, such as scarring, nerve damage, or a lost eye, this will most likely factor into the amount of compensation they can receive.

4. Disability/Loss of Income

If you have to take time off from work due to medical treatment or recuperation, you are entitled to reimbursement for any lost income. Additionally, if the dog bite injury limits your ability to work in the future, you should also be compensated for that future income, or “loss in earning capacity.” 

Davana Law Firm: Qualified Dog Bite Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

If you have been a victim of a dog bite injury, working together with a bold and reliable dog bite attorney will help you prove your dog bite claim so that you can receive a sufficient settlement to cover your losses. We at Davana Law have helped hundreds of clients win their cases in personal injury claims, including brain injury, wrongful death, and more. We guarantee no fees until your case has been won.

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