Biking accident injuries range from irritating to traumatic. At worst, they can cause shock and prevent you from recognizing the danger of your injuries. Coupled with helmet failure or other factors, bike accidents can lead to head trauma and brain injuries. If you get in a bad crash while biking, visit a doctor to assess your condition as soon as possible. Depending on their report, consider seeking an experienced brain injury attorney.

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Below, we outline how head trauma can occur from a bike accident, what brain injuries can result, and the legalities of treatment options:

Head Trauma from a Bike Accident

Head injuries are the most common cause of death or serious medical complications arising from bike accidents. The danger of such incidents lies in the lack of bikes’ safety features. Unlike vehicles, bicycles offer no protection from a surrounding enclosure, airbags, or seat belt. 

As a result, cyclists can be ejected or simply fall from the bike. The quick nature of these accidents makes it difficult for cyclists to protect their heads. For this reason, 1 in 3 bike accidents ends in a head injury.

Helmet Failure

Bikers who wear safety-rated helmets correctly have a measure of protection in the event of an accident. However, bikers wearing helmets can still suffer head injuries. Avid or casual bicyclists should remember this fact to avoid dangerous situations.

If you suffer a head injury while wearing a helmet, keep that helmet for later examination. It may provide evidence of design flaws or manufacturing defects, which will be necessary for filing a claim against the helmet’s manufacturer.

Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Attorney Los Angeles CA

Common brain injuries vary in severity, symptoms, and related issues. The most common injuries that result from severe bike accidents include:

  • Concussions are classified as “mild traumatic brain injury,” yet they can be serious depending on longevity and severity. Frequent symptoms include headache, dizziness, memory loss, and confusion. Concussions can last weeks or months.
  • Hematoma refers to blood pooling or clotting in or on the brain. This common side effect of head trauma puts pressure on the brain, which can result in long-term damage or death. The earliest indicators of hematoma include headache and vomiting.

Treatment for Brain Injuries

Brain injuries require immediate attention and sometimes long-term medical treatment. For example, traumatic brain injuries and hematomas often require surgery. Also, damage that occurs outside of the brain—such as a fractured skull—may require sutures. 

The medical costs for brain and head injuries can skyrocket, ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Overall costs can depend on how long treatment persists, as well. Nevertheless, a brain injury lawyer can help you seek damages for medical bills in addition to lost wages and suffering.

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