Car crashes tend to worry folks about physical health effects: broken bones, head trauma, bruising, scarring, etc. While these issues warrant concern, the mental effects of car accidents should also be recognized. Symptoms including mood swings, self-confinement, and/or insomnia can be linked back to the trauma of a crash.

If you suffered a car crash and are struggling with its emotional effects, you deserve compensation. Reach out to an experienced accident attorney at Davana Law Firm and ask to file a claim for emotional distress. At Davana Law Firm, our LA-based team of legal experts will fight for a proper settlement. We have helped hundreds of clients get compensation for damages in an automobile accident and personal injury cases. Neither they nor you should suffer from physical or emotional wounds. Our team will guide you through the complex processes of accident claims and redress.

Below, we summarize vital details about emotional distress claims and the concerns you may have in filing them:

Signs of Emotional Distress

Broadly, emotional distress is defined as mental anguish that stems from the feelings 0f a memory or event. In law, this term differs from cases of intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

While it may reveal itself in many ways, common symptoms of emotional distress are sudden personality changes, mood swings, self-isolation, neglect of self-care, and feelings of hopelessness. Although room exists for different judgments, these signs fall loosely within “emotional distress.”

This state can be difficult to pinpoint and make a claim for due to the prevalence of its symptoms across many mental illnesses. Thus, legal counsel must establish grounds for a lawsuit.

Grounds for Emotional Distress Lawsuits

Although laws differ throughout the country, each state has emotional distress legislation. You should speak with a Davana Law Firm team member for details on California’s laws, but expect that some grounds will need to be established.

First, your feelings of anxiety or anguish must have a credible link to your accident. If you regularly suffer from these symptoms before the crash, they may be separate from it. You should also note how your symptoms manifest, especially as physical side effects (insomnia, weight loss, energy loss, etc.).

The crash must be examined too. A severe accident, for instance, is much more likely to cause distress than a minor rear-ender. Likewise, the party at fault for the crash is factored into the ruling.

Emotional Distress from Accidents

Emotional distress due to an automobile accident receives specific consideration. For instance, it will make up part of one’s personal injury claim and thus is considered along with physical injuries.

Legal counsel may also consider whether your vehicle was totaled or whether you’re still able to drive. Given many people’s reliance and daily usage of a car, an inability to drive may be both a cause and effect of their distress.

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If you or a loved one were in an accident, compensation can help you to support and recover your physical and/or emotional health. Determining fault and making claims are challenging processes, and small mistakes may end up costing you the damages that you deserve. Instead, contact the best accident attorney in LA from Davana Law Firm. It’s enough to have suffered a devastating accident; don’t put your long-term health or livelihood on the line.

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