Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are grave concerns, as they can cause devastating physical, mental, and financial problems. Many cases of brain injury occur when a person receives a sudden—often unexpected—impact to their head or when an object impales the brain. Identifying traumatic brain injury symptoms will help prompt you or a loved one to seek immediate care. The symptoms include headaches, fatigue, speech problems, sensitivity to light or sound, and difficulty sleeping. If you or a loved one has sustained a TBI due to the negligence of another party, hire a brain injury lawyer to advocate for you and obtain compensation. 

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Below, we detail the symptoms you may encounter after a significant brain injury: 


Headaches are the most common symptom following a TBI. While the typical headaches we all experience should not concern us generally, pay attention to frequent and intense pains that occur after a head injury. Dizziness and acute headaches are often the first indicators of underlying trauma from a head injury. Consult a doctor if you experience sharp, frequent pains that last multiple hours or days.


Mental fatigue occurs in 70% of TBI victims. The fatigue that occurs due to brain injury differs from the typical state of tiredness: whereas you can resolve conventional fatigue with ample rest, TBI fatigue persists regardless of sleep. Moreover, it may make thinking clearly and processing information more difficult. Everyday tasks such as driving can become overwhelming and strenuous.

If you notice these signs, a personal injury lawyer can help you file a claim for brain injury. A legal team can handle your case and advocate for an affordable treatment plan while coordinating with your insurance company.

Speech Problems

Some head injuries can impact Broca’s area in the brain’s left hemisphere, making speech difficult. TBI victims can struggle with articulation, pronunciation, and natural conversation. Nevertheless, a lawyer can help you compile sufficient information and evidence to prove speech impairments due to TBI. They may enlist medical professionals to provide imagery, brain diagrams, cognitive tests, and testimonies to support your case.

Sensitivity to Light or Sound

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Since the brain experiences a heightened state of “fight or flight” after an injury, extreme sensitivity is likely to occur. Photophobia is the sensitivity to light caused by excessive stimulation of the nerves connected to photoreceptors. People may become dizzy or tired with the presence of light or loud noises after a brain injury. 

Loss of Cognitive Ability

A loss of cognitive ability—in which the mind cannot “move” as quickly as it once did—is a significant sign of TBI. Brain damage in the frontal or temporal lobes can lead to a loss of memory, lower motivation, and decreased capacity for problem-solving. Victims of TBI may also experience profound confusion and an inability to focus.

Memory loss can vary by situation, but TBI victims report neurological amnesia often. Such a person may struggle with recall and information retention, including short-term memory. 

Get Help from a Brain Injury Lawyer in California

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