Receiving unjust treatment from your insurance company can add stress to the overwhelming aftermath of an accident. If your insurance company fails to follow through with the agreed-upon terms, you should seek legal prosecution. Turn to an experienced lawyer to help you file a claim and reach a fair outcome. A knowledgeable personal injury law firm can help you build a case, establish value, prepare records, and file a claim.

Davana Law Firm is an experienced law firm in Los Angeles, CA. Our attorneys are determined to produce positive outcomes for our clients. We can analyze your case and offer unique support and insights. Moreover, to demonstrate our commitment to success, we withhold charging you a cent until we win your case. Our experience with personal injury law gives us a strong basis for claims against insurance companies. Contact us at (818) 501-1055 for a free case evaluation.

Below, we outline the steps of filing a legal claim against an insurance company:

Identify Cause

In personal injury law, the term legal dispute refers to an instance wherein an insurance company and a client disagree about whether their policy should cover a given accident (or what amount the policy should cover). If your insurance company fails to uphold the terms of your policy, you have a basis for dispute. The following are common causes of dispute:

  • The insurer denied the claim with unjust cause
  • The insurer withheld compensation
  • The insurer withheld fair compensation
  • The insurer failed to cooperate within a reasonable timeframe
  • The insurer acted in bad faith
  • The insurer failed to defend you in a liability lawsuit involving the claim

Establish Value

If you believe that your insurance company has operated unjustly towards you, contact Davana’s personal injury attorney. They can examine your policy against the insurance company’s actions and determine the strength of your case. 

California limits individuals seeking recompense valued at $10,000 or less to operate in a small claims court. In this scenario, your attorney cannot represent you at the initial hearing, but they can still assist you in filing a claim and guide you through the claims process. 

Prepare Records

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For your attorney to best assist you, you must provide all records regarding the insurance claim. Gather receipts, photos, and a log of your correspondence with the insurance company. Include the full terms of your insurance policy, as well.

If you initially disputed your insurance company’s denial of your claim, you should provide documentation of that interaction. Also, prepare a copy of the reasoning your insurance company gave you for their determination.

File the Claim

An experienced attorney can help you iron out the details of the filing process, such as determining the company’s legal name, where to file the claim, and your statute of limitations, that is, your deadline for filing. After including the applicable records, your claim will be ready to file via mail or directly to the appropriate court.

Davana Law Firm: An Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA

The legal professionals at Davana Law Firm empathize with people who face unlawful actions. As a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles, CA, we can help you file a legal claim against your insurance company. We approach each case with thorough research and persistent resolve to help our clients earn the settlement they deserve. Contact us at (818) 501-1055 to discuss how we can assist you.