Automobile & Motor Accidents in Northridge, CA

Each year In the U.S., millions of automobile accidents occur, resulting in many more fatalities and injuries. This leads to difficulties for those affected, primarily due to the high costs of medical care they needed to recover from their minor or severe injuries. In order to help ease this burden and recover quickly from the shock and pain of a recent accident, call on our automobile & motor accident attorneys Davana Law Firm of Northridge, CA. 

We are highly-experienced car accident lawyers, seasoned in helping clients build strong claims and winning them the financial compensation they deserve for their hardship. We charge zero fees to you until your case has been won. We are relentless in our duties in every case, taking the steps that are necessary to form the strongest case and to ensure you receive the highest compensation possible.  

Most Common Auto Accident Injuries in Northridge

In the city and county of Los Angeles alone, thousands of car accidents have taken place, with many of them causing costly damages to countless individuals’ property and far more painstaking damage to injured parties. As a victim or relative of a victim, you should work with a dedicated car accident lawyer that will help you receive the highest compensation possible. Here are some injury areas we have previously helped clients receive compensation for:

  • Head & neck – concussions, skull fractures, whiplash, sprains, etc.  
  • Spinal cord & back – herniated disks, damage to the spinal column, etc. 
  • Back & soft tissue damage – torn muscles, broken bones, etc.  

When you receive an injury from an accident and are considered as the “innocent party”, you may be able to get financially compensated. Seek a car accident lawyer so that you get the compensation you need to take care of yourself and ensure a less strenuous recovery.


Frequent Types of Accidents in Northridge

There are numerous types of accidents that we at Davana Law Firm have dealt with. Los Angeles is an enormous, bustling city that’s prone to automobile accidents. This includes those that are reckless, inebriated, and many more. Here are some of the auto accidents we have experience building claims for:

  • Truck crashes
  • Multi-car pile ups
  • Public Transportation accidents
  • Fender-benders/rear collisions 
  • Side-impacts
  • Hit-and-runs
  • Head-on car crashes
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Individuals struck by cars
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Cars running red lights or stop signs