In the aftermath of a vehicular accident, drivers rely on their insurance providers for financial coverage to repair their vehicles, pay medical expenses, and support daily life while they recover. Yet disagreements over liability and suitable claim amounts occur often, and laws are in place that allow policyholders to sue their insurers. A successful case will require following specific steps (gathering evidence, taking notes, understanding coverage) and avoiding others (agreeing to an initial settlement, signing waivers, withholding details). Therefore, hire an experienced auto accident attorney for guidance through this process to ensure you receive a fair claim.

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Below, we outline the critical dos and don’ts in the lead-up to and while filing an automobile accident claim:

At the Crash Site 

Your actions after a car accident depend on whether you or someone else sustained injuries and their severity. Call an ambulance if anyone has moderate to severe bodily harm—do not attempt to drive yourself or someone else to the hospital.

If the sustained injuries are minor, you can follow another course: first, call the police and report the incident. Next, exchange insurance information and contact details with the other driver(s) involved. Then, photograph the accident, its vehicular damages, and any injuries. And from this point forward, save any receipts for lodging, meals, and purchases relevant to the car crash or claim.

With this information in hand, do not delay visiting the hospital. Common external injuries from accidents may appear or feel mild, but they can conceal significant internal damage that has not yet presented symptoms. Additionally, do not accept any other driver’s offer to pay for your car’s damages out-of-pocket, as this proposal could be a scam and result in losing coverage for the accident.

Before Calling Your Insurance Provider

Following the crash’s immediate aftermath, you’ll need to call your car insurance agent and report the incident. But before you do so, look up your insurance policy and read through its “Coverage” and “Exclusion” sections. Make sure you understand the contents of each by researching unfamiliar terms and concepts, such as depreciated actual cash value vs. replacement cost value.

You must determine the kind of policy you have, as it will affect who to call and how they may cover the damages. For instance, those enrolled in homeowner or “umbrella” policies may receive coverage through them for car accidents.

Nevertheless, stay alert for a few things to avoid. If you’re still confused about your coverage, don’t agree to a written or recorded statement. Contacting your insurance company is inevitable, as most policies require a proof of loss form within a particular time frame after an accident—you’ll need to complete one to retain the right to sue. But if the details and legal maneuvering start alarming you, contact a car accident litigator before moving forward.

Auto Accident Attorney CA

Speaking with a Company Representative

Keep some guidelines in mind when you contact your insurance agent. You must be honest with them about everything—the car accident’s cause(s), the vehicles involved, the damages, and so on. Holding back or distorting details might invalidate your coverage. Also, take notes during or after your conversation with them or other insurance company representatives. Ask for names, job titles, phone numbers, and supervisors’ names. These details could be critical in the future.

On the other hand, you need not consent to a recorded conversation with the company. Also, don’t agree to any initial estimate or sign a waiver or release. Have your car accident lawyer review such information to ensure you receive appropriate compensation. Finally, don’t forget that your insurance company must provide the coverage they offer—a point you and your lawyer may need to insist on.

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