Although most people prefer not to think about them, car accidents are all too common. Annually, they remain a leading cause of death in the US – every day, about 100 people die from car crashes. In 2017 alone, the medical costs and lost wages due to vehicle accidents reached $75 billion. Thus, whether we like to think about them or not, collisions and wrecks are facts of life. 

If you or a loved one recently suffered a motor vehicle accident, you deserve support. Reach out to Davana Law Firm and our experienced car wreck lawyer will get you compensation for damages. Our legal team specializes in a variety of personal injury cases that occur throughout Los Angeles. So, whether your car was rear-ended at a stoplight or hit by a delivery truck while parked, we have the knowledge and practical skills to represent you. We treat every client’s situation with care and charge no fees until the claim is won. To date, we have successfully settled over 500. 

Here, we detail the specific duties that your car accident attorney fulfills: 

Builds Your Personal Injury Case

First, to clarify, California law considers automobile/motor vehicle accident cases as personal injury claims. All such claims are tried in civil courts rather than criminal ones. So even if the state presses criminal charges against the accident’s guilty party, you may also sue them. 

Speaking of which, insurance companies decide who is at fault for car accidents. To do so, your company investigates your claim through police reports and eyewitness accounts. They may identify you, the other party, or both culpable for the accident. But if they find you free of fault, you should not have to pay any damages: medical bills, car repairs, and/or pain and suffering. 

Of course, the other party involved in the crash can also file a claim. If their insurance company holds you responsible, they may refuse to pay for your damages. However, an experienced car wreck attorney can build a case, take it to the company, and get you compensation. 

Investigates & Interprets Your Case

To build a successful accident case, your lawyer first examines the insurance companies’ findings. They review the same evidence and, perhaps, locate further materials. Then, they present their case to the other insurance company; which decides to either pay a settlement or contest the findings in court. 

Note that the majority of accident claims never go to trial. If your lawyer built a strong case, the insurance company that once denied you damages will likely offer a settlement. Then, your lawyer can negotiate for a higher amount (or file a lawsuit for one). 

Along with these duties, lawyers guide their clients through complex personal injury laws. And unless you have a legal background, you will need their explanation to grasp the nuances of the legal process. By understanding the process, you can remain clear about your goals for filing the claim. 

Handles Your Legal Representation

Accident lawyers also preserve your legal rights. Should the accident’s other party or insurance company contest your claim, your lawyer will provide you with legal protection. They may also find grounds for establishing emotional distress or another claim

Should your personal injury claim go to court, your lawyer will represent you. They will present the case they’ve constructed and fight for the highest settlement possible. And while you may feel intimidated by the court, your lawyer will be in familiar territory. 

Secure the Most Reliable Car Wreck Lawyer in Los Angeles

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