Slip & fall accidents are relatively common in the US and can happen to anyone. Although seemingly harmless, these incidents may lead to significant injuries, such as broken bones, head trauma, or muscle sprains. However, victims should know who they may sue in such instances. In some cases, the injured person may be entitled to compensation from the property owner, tenant, contractor, or another party. We explore these possibilities below and encourage you to employ a professional slip & fall lawyer to help you file a personal injury claim.

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Below, we list the potential defendants in slip & fall lawsuits:

Property Owners

Property owners are often the first party held accountable for slip & fall accidents. They may face liability for accidents on their premises if they fail to maintain safe conditions. For example, a restaurant owner who fails to ensure their employees clean drink spills can be sued for negligence if a guest slips and falls on such a spill.


Tenant liability applies to slip & fall accidents on a rental property that the tenant is responsible for maintaining. For instance, a tenant may be responsible for mopping the floors. If they fail to put a warning sign up after they’ve done so and you slip and fall, you could sue them under California premises liability law.


Slip and Fall Lawyer CA

If a slip & fall incident happens due to a contractor’s negligence, you can likely sue the contractor for the damages sustained. For example, take a construction site accident wherein a contractor fails to provide a safe working environment for employees or the public. In this instance, a slip & fall victim can seek damages from the construction company. 


Slip & fall accidents on public property, such as a sidewalk or a public park, may result in a suit against the responsible municipality. For example, a slip and fall on a pothole on a public road would result in the municipality facing liability if it failed to repair that pothole in a reasonable amount of time.

Product Manufacturers

Finally, a slip & fall accident may occur due to a dangerous or defective product, making the manufacturer liable. You could, for instance, slip on a poorly made floor mat. If the condition of the mat is deemed a result of the manufacturer’s negligence, you can sue the manufacturer for damages. A competent premises liability lawyer can determine your grounds for such a lawsuit.

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