While many city streets see traffic every day, those in Hollywood, CA, experience daily congestion. Tinseltown’s international prestige and celebrity culture draw a lot of tourists, and the area is host to a large population’s homes and businesses. These bustling conditions may lead to vehicle crashes, and if you become involved in one, you’ll need a professional auto accident attorney.

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Below, we discuss the most common reasons behind car accidents in Hollywood:

1. Distracted Driving

Even while driving down an empty road, you are surrounded by potential distractions: phone, radio, food or drink, passengers, and so on. The dangers of these distractions increase when driving in a bustling metropolis, where other people or cars can make unexpected moves.

If a driver is on their phone when the car ahead of them yields to pedestrians, they may rear-end that car. If a driver takes their eyes off the road to see what a crowd on the sidewalk is gathered around, they may hit a pedestrian. Such events are commonplace in Hollywood and may require the assistance of an accident attorney.

2. Drunk Driving

While city driving requires extra care and patience, some people still do so while intoxicated. Their poor judgment may end up costing you a list of accident and medical fees, which you should not have to shoulder. An accident lawyer can help you earn a settlement that covers your damages.

3. Aggressive Driving

Daily traffic and tourism puts a heavy strain on all drivers in Hollywood. Some respond with belligerent driving tactics that endanger other drivers and pedestrians. Even people who don’t consider themselves aggressive drivers can still drive in dangerous ways.

For instance, have you ever sped up to “beat” a traffic light? Or tailgated a slow driver, intentionally or not? Many individuals do these things on occasion, and all are considered aggressive driving. One such move can end up in injury and damages.

If you are in an accident due to aggressive driving, hire a lawyer even if you aren’t at fault. Doing so ensures that the guilty party’s insurance company does not lowball your settlement amount. You’ll also have representation if your case ends up in court.

4. Vehicle Defects

A busy and stressful lifestyle, which many people lead, can make us forget to do basic upkeep on our cars. But brakes still wear out, the oil needs changing, tires lose pressure, and more. If neglected for too long, these issues can cause major problems and may lead to accidents.

Given how busy the streets of Hollywood can become, a defective vehicle presents significant danger. Keep your car in optimal condition by having routine maintenance done and watch out for recalls on your vehicle.

5. Bad Weather

As with any region, southern California sees dangerous weather conditions. While these make virtually every road less safe, they also turn busy streets into hazardous ones. Decreased visibility and traction can cause collisions—take your time and watch for pedestrians and other cars. 

Auto Accident Attorneys Available in Hollywood, CA

No street has perfect driving conditions. However, hiring a professional auto accident attorney can ease your mind that, should a collision occur, you have representation. Davana Law Firm offers sound legal advice and guidance for all our clients. We charge no fees until we win your case, and we’ve won over 500 in Hollywood, CA, and the surrounding region. Call us today at (818) 501-1055 or fill out our online form to get a free case evaluation.