Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) usually occur due to harsh collisions or jolts to the head or body. Yet the side effects of a TBI can affect physical, mental, social, financial, and other areas of an individual’s life. Loved ones of the injured party may suffer too. When the injury results from premises liability—an instance of negligence by the landowner or property manager—the victim and their family may be entitled to compensation. Find out how an experienced premises liability lawyer can help.

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Below, we discuss the effects of a brain injury on your family and how you can seek recompense with the help of a premises liability lawyer:

How a Brain Injury Can Affect the Family

While victims of brain injuries experience physical ramifications, they and their families may endure emotional and lifestyle ramifications as well. TBI side effects include stress or mental anguish, financial difficulties, reduced personal time, role changes within the family, relationship obstacles, and more.

Victims and their families should seek healthy coping mechanisms and recovery. Then, take account of the injury, including its indirect effects. A professional personal injury lawyer can use these points when helping you file a claim and pursue fair compensation.

Your lawyer can pursue two types of damages:

  • Economic damages: Calculated from direct, monetary costs, your lawyer can pursue damages for medical procedures, hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, prescription medications, assistive devices, ongoing rehab, and therapies. California law even permits these damages to include lost wages and future earnings.
  • Non-economic damages: Nebulous and less quantifiable, your lawyer can seek payments for pain, suffering, grief, shock, anxiety, emotional distress, inconvenience, humiliation, and others under California law

When Premises Liability is the Cause

premises liability lawyer Valencia CA

If you suffer an accident on someone’s private property, you may be eligible for premises liability damages. Additionally, your lawyer can pursue the brain injury damages outlined above.

Premises liability claims may stem from building code violations, neglected property maintenance, unsafe construction, inadequate materials or equipment, inappropriate electrical wiring, or slippery walkways. Moreover, brain injuries often occur due to unsafe premises and work as grounds for some of the highest compensatory damages.

How a Premises Liability Attorney Can Help

Even though premises liability cases may seem more ambiguous than automobile and motor accidents, the attorneys at Davana Law understand the minutiae of such claims. Our expertise can help you obtain the financial damages you deserve. Team up with an expert premises liability lawyer to make sure you’re compensated and the property owner is held accountable for their negligence.

Furthermore, competent premises liability attorneys can negotiate on your behalf. They’ll guide you through the complex process of a personal injury lawsuit from start to finish, helping you build a strong case. This guidance, in turn, helps you earn the highest financial award possible.

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