Most car accidents are unexpected, so the steps afterward can be difficult to determine. If you are in an accident, first ensure that you and the other drivers are uninjured. Seek medical attention if you, your passengers, and/or another driver were hurt. But as long as everyone is alright, you should exchange insurance and contact information with the other drivers involved. This kicks off the legal and insurance processes.

In the days following, the insurance companies will go through the difficult process of determining who is at fault and how much the innocent party should receive in damages. To ensure your interests are represented during all this, you should look for expert legal advice. At Davana Law Firm, we have successfully represented numerous clients as their trusted automobile accident lawyer. We possess a tremendous amount of experience as legal counselors in Los Angeles County, particularly in cases of personal injury, dog bites, premises liability, and more.

Below, we provide important tips for winning your motor accident lawsuit:

Collect Your Evidence of the Accident

First and foremost, you should organize and prepare evidence from the accident to make your case. This will include relevant information about both you and the other driver(s), which is often collected in the moments following an accident. Here is the information you should have on hand:

  • Driver names
  • Drivers licenses
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Insurance name and policy numbers
  • Car registrations
  • License plate numbers
  • Vehicle identification numbers
  • Photographs of the accident scene/vehicle damage
  • Witnesses and their testimonies (if available)

Gather Relevant Documents

While collecting the evidence mentioned above, you should also take special note of the effects that the accident has on you personally. For example, keep any hospital bills and/or doctor’s notes you’ve received, as they indicate that you received an injury as a result of the accident.

Also, hold onto any bills or receipts from your mechanic that detail the cost of repairs to your vehicle. In addition, gather your employer’s records to show how much time you’ve missed work due to injury.

As a whole, these documents help to support your case and, more importantly, the amount of reimbursement that you aim to receive as damages.

Do Not Admit Fault

From the moment a car accident occurs, you should avoid admitting to any fault for it. Such a statement, or even a social media post, could be used against you in court later on.

Although you may truly not be at fault, even an implication of that can be used to obscure which party is truly to blame. This, in turn, makes proving your case for damages more difficult.

Hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer

The most effective step you can take for your case is to hire an attorney. An experienced automobile accident lawyer will know all the ins and outs to build a successful case. He or she, along with their staff, can quickly and efficiently pull together the details and evidence that are necessary to make a strong claim.

If need be, your lawyer will also file a complaint against an offending party and represent you if your case goes to trial. At that time, he or she can organize an effective and reasonable argument based on the evidence you gave.

Davana Law Firm: Automobile Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles County

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