When someone suffers an injury due to another’s negligent or intentional behavior, he or she can file a personal injury lawsuit against them. If successful, the injured party would receive financial compensation. But what exactly constitutes a valid personal injury that a negligent party would be liable for? 

At Davana Law Firm, our team has an extensive track record of helping clients file and win personal injury claims. From painful slip and fall cases to wrongful death claims, our firm can provide you with a seasoned LA personal injury attorney. We will ensure you and your loved ones receive the financial resources that you need. 

Below, we describe the kinds of cases that personal injury attorneys take as well as the details and limitations of each case type: 

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases occur when one individual sustains an injury due to tripping or slipping while on another’s property. Whomever owns or (in some cases) rents that property may be held liable to the injured party.

Liability depends on the circumstances in which the injury occurred as well as the state laws regarding property liability. But whether you need to defend or plead your case, hiring a personal injury attorney will be your best chance. These lawyers are knowledgeable about slip and fall cases as well as various states’ property liability laws. 

Vehicle Accidents

Every year, millions of car accidents occur in the US. Many of these incidents lead to automobile & motor accident cases. And since accidents often occur due to one party’s negligence, an experienced personal injury attorney can make a personal injury claim and hold the offender responsible for injuries and/or property damage. 

Various Intentional Torts

Personal injury attorneys also cover intentional tort cases, which are harmful acts performed intentionally by one party against another. 

Examples of intentional torts include assault and battery, fraud, defamation, invasion of privacy, and more. These crimes were carried out to physically or emotionally harm other people. 

Most intentional torts involve criminal charges, but victims may also file personal injury lawsuits to receive compensation for their injuries and/or damages. 

Dog Bites

Additionally, personal injury attorneys take on dog bite cases. This is especially true in the state of California, where dog owners are held strictly liable for any bites that occur in a public place, or lawfully in a private space, even if they were unaware of their pet’s condition. 

Still, limitations do exist in such rigid standards. For instance, police or military dogs may bite someone if they are performing provocative or disturbing behavior. 

Medical Malpractice 

Another kind of case taken up by personal injury lawyers involves medical malpractice. This occurs when a patient, under the care of a medical professional, receives treatment that falls outside the regulated standard and thereby harms or endangers the patient’s life. 

However, treatment or procedure that produces bad or unwanted results is not considered malpractice. 

Workplace Injuries

The state of California requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation for employees that are injured within the workplace or when performing a service that the employer hired them for. And since the state enforces worker’s comp, most cases go smoothly. However, there are times when a personal injury lawyer must step in to ensure that an injured employee receives compensation. 

Davana Law Firm: Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in LA County

Personal injury attorneys cover all the case types outlined above, and the best have spent years doing so. At Davana Law Firm, our team of distinguished personal injury attorneys has successfully litigated hundreds of personal injury cases throughout LA County. Our depth of experience has made us proficient in getting the highest amount of compensation for our clients. Contact us at (818) 501-1055 for more information on how we can help with your personal injury claim.