Slip and Fall Lawyer El Sereno, CA

If you have received an injury due to an unintentional slip-and-fall,hire a professional personal injury attorney who specializes in slip and all cases. It’s the responsibility of property owners and businesses to ensure that their space is safe for pedestrians and guests. In California, property owners are automatically held liable for slip and fall accidents. Any slip and fall accident reflects back onto that owner’s inability to provide and maintain a safe environment for others to move around in.


At Davana Law Firm, we have extensive experience in a number of cases involving victims injured due to poor safety regulation and negligence. Our dedicated slip and fall attorneys  in El Sereno prioritize you receiving the best possible reimbursement that you deserve. Below, we’ll talk about different concerns regarding a slip and fall case:  

When to Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney in El Sereno

  1. If the tenant had knowledge of dangerous conditions: 

If the tenant or owner knew of a serious defect or hazard within their property, but chose to ignore or warn others about it, then they are responsible for the victim’s injury. To build a strong case, you need to prove that other customers or tenants have complained before, but were ignored. This is considered a strong case for invoking a property owner’s liability. 


  1. If the property owner violated local, state, and federal property codes:

If a property owner violated any laws regarding local, state, or federal property codes, you would have a chance of winning your case. Even more so, if you hurt yourself due to a violation of one or more of those codes, then you have even an even stronger slip and fall case. What led to the fall will determine how the judge will view your case. For example, if you were walking down the stairs and a step crumbled beneath you, it would be considered negligence and poor maintenance by the owner. 


  1. If you had a very serious injury:

If you had an injury as a result of the dangerous, ignored conditions of a space, then you will have a solid chance of winning. This is especially true if you were in the hospital or had to take a leave of absence from work. The extent of your injuries can determine how much money you will get. A slip and fall lawyer can help determine the extent of your injuries before the case is brought to court  and decide what the best course of action will be to obtain the highest amount of compensation. 


A Good Slip-and-Fall Lawyer Will Establish Fault

A good and experienced lawyer will assess the situation and see what can be proved. They’ll ask you many questions as to how the incident happened so that they can create a case to hold the owner legally responsible for your slip and fall. Your slip and fall lawyer may ask you these questions: 

  • Did you slip on any substance?
  • Did you trip over your own dress, shoes, or bag? 
  • Did you reach for something you thought would be there ie. a handrail next to the stairs? 
  • While you were walking were you distracted?
  • Were the different levels of the floor visibly marked with yellow tape? 

Your lawyer should be able to consider all aspects of the scene you’ve described and be upfront about the possible returns and values your case may have.