Brain Injury

In many cases after you have suffered a brain injury, your first course of action isn’t going to be to file a claim right away, as seeking medical attention immediately takes priority. When you have received your medical bill, the amount may be too overwhelming to digest, and you may still be reeling from the physical and emotional trauma of your brain injury. Our professionally experienced accident attorneys at Davana Law Firm understand that brain injuries should not be taken lightly. Our step-by-step process has allowed us to win over 500 cases, so you can rely on us to be a firm advocate for you or your loved one during this difficult time. We will charge you no fees until your case is won and will safeguard your rights with effective civil litigation.
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Brain Injury Symptoms

Following your accident, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a head injury below, get in touch with us immediately so we can help you obtain sufficient compensation.

How Our Brain Injury Attorneys Can Help You

The severity of a brain injury may vary and a complete neurological examination is necessary. Examinations may consist of a number of X-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s, as these are the most helpful ways to determine the severity of your brain injury. If you are looking for a way to seek coverage for you or your loved one’s medical bills, working together with a strong-minded personal injury attorney will ensure you obtain the compensation you need to keep you financially afloat.

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Have You Suffered A Brain Injury?

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After you have suffered a brain injury, making sure you or your loved one is in good hands is crucial. Don’t allow the carelessness of someone else cause you to suffer emotionally and financially. Depend on our experienced accident attorneys to help you build a strong brain injury claim. As we are familiar with going up against insurance companies who aren’t willing to compensate you, we will actively negotiate and fight for you until your case is settled.
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