Civil Litigation Cases Riverside, CA

In short, civil litigation involves any legal dispute that does not involve criminal charges, but rather financial compensation or a particular action to resolve a conflict between two or more parties. At Davana Law Firm, we have provided our expertise as quality civil litigation lawyers to residents and professionals throughout Los Angeles, CA. We are highly experienced in guiding our clients through pre-trial hearings, depositions, arbitrations and mediations, offering them both our knowledge and experience throughout the process, helping them to understand every step of the civil litigation process.


The Role of a Civil Litigation Attorney in Riverside, CA

Civil litigation lawyers must be versatile and well-versed in the numerous types of disputes and cases that they will be taking part in. They must maintain composure within themselves and the parties they work with, but also remain passionate and steadfast in advocating their client’s position. An effective civil litigation attorney must be able to fight for their client and do their best to achieve the most favorable outcome for them, which is the central goal and focus of our work at Davana Law Firm. We affirm this through the skills and practices we have developed as experts in civil litigation, including:

  • Excellent Negotiation Skills
  • Adept in Interpersonal Communication
  • Precise in written and oral advocacy ability
  • Strong at analyzing and logic reasoning 
  • Knowledge of substantive and procedural law in the state of California

Our Most Frequently-Requested Forms of Civil Litigation in Riverside

Civil litigation involves a broad number of disputes, such as landlord/tenant disputes, product liability lawsuits, divorce mediation, and many more. Litigators often specialize in one or two forms of civil litigations. However, we at Davana Law have grown and strengthened our competencies in successfully taking on several different forms of personal injury disputes, including the following:

  • Dog Bites or Other Pet-Related Injury Disputes
  • Mild/Traumatic Brain Injury Disputes
  • Automobile Crashes/Accident Lawsuits
  • Property/Premises Liability Claims
  • Slip-and-Fall Injury Lawsuits
  • Wrongful Death Disputes