Although your morning commute may seem familiar and unthreatening, getting behind the wheel is never free from danger. Indeed, there are approximately 43,000 fatal car accidents each year in the United States. Eliminating distractions, staying patient in traffic, and other best practices are essential to protect yourself and your passengers no matter your experience level. If other drivers fail to follow these same practices and cause an accident, turn to trustworthy accident attorneys for swift justice.

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Below, we detail 5 essential safe driving tips:

1. Eliminate Distractions 

Taking a quick phone call while driving may seem like no big deal, but its consequences can be disastrous. Your safety and that of your passengers depend on your ability to react when you’re behind the wheel. A driver can unexpectedly merge, brake heavily, or make other potentially dangerous maneuvers within a few seconds.

You can respond to such actions when focused on driving; however, distracted driving impairs your response times and leads to tragedy. When you’re behind the wheel, put away your phone, avoid eating, and give the road your full attention.

2. Stay Patient in Trafficaccident attorneys in California

Traffic congestion and sporadic movement are a recipe for a high risk of accidents. Impatient drivers often exacerbate such risks by weaving through traffic, merging across lanes, and accelerating or braking unpredictably. Although standstills are frustrating, you must be calm—stay patient, pay attention, and maintain a safe distance from other cars.

Avoiding accidents in heavy traffic demands diligence from all drivers on the road. If another driver’s risky behavior causes an emergency, expert car accident attorneys can ensure you receive rightful compensation.

3. Don’t Drive Drowsy

Fatigue can impair your driving performance as much as alcohol. Drowsiness and exhaustion can impair reactions and attention spans, dangerous constraints behind the wheel. So, avoid driving when you are fatigued or running on little sleep. If you are struggling with heavy eyelids, yawning, and keeping your head up, get some sleep before hitting the road.

4. Follow Traffic Laws 

Although the simplest of all safe driving tips, following traffic laws is also critical. These rules facilitate a steady ebb and flow and allow you to anticipate the actions of other drivers. When such rules are disobeyed, traffic becomes unpredictable, drivers become confused, and chaos ensues. Follow all speed limits, signals, signs, and right-of-way rules to protect yourself and other drivers.

5. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Flat tires, breakdowns, and other unexpected emergencies crop up despite our best efforts. Such incidents can force you to pull over on a busy street and become a collision risk for other vehicles. Yet preparing for roadside emergencies can help you navigate such situations quickly and safely. Create an emergency kit for your car containing a flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables, and other necessary items. Also, keep the number of a mechanic or tow company handy.

Hire an Experienced Accident Attorney in California!

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