In 2018, the total number of car accidents that resulted in fatalities or injuries in Los Angeles County was over 90,000. Although each happened for different reasons, their victims share one thing: the need to recover, either physically or financially. With a determined LA accident lawyer at your side, you can get financial compensation to do just that. 

At Davana Law Firm, we specialize in personal injury and automobile accident claims. Many of our previous clients have referred us to their peers because we provide them with an experienced LA accident lawyer. Plus, we don’t charge one cent until we’ve successfully attained the damages they needed.

Below, we describe five potential events in which an experienced accident lawyer can help you:

1. You Are Injured Or Your Car Is Damaged in an  Accident

Minor accidents, such as fender-benders, usually don’t call for an attorney. However, serious cases – where you or a loved one has been injured, or where property was damaged – call for an attorney’s support.

2. Another’s Negligence Caused An Accident

If an accident involves more than one vehicle or party, then it is likely that the accident was caused by another person’s negligence. 

In this case, you deserve damages from the guilty party, whether it be through a personal or an insurance settlement. Since liability claims are difficult to navigate, you should have an attorney to help you through the process. 

3. An Accident Leads To The Wrongful Death of A Loved One

If you lose a loved one due to a traffic accident, you may be able to get legal compensation. Specifically, if their death was caused by someone’s negligence or recklessness, you can file a wrongful death claim

An accident attorney can help you file a claim, ensuring that you can focus on grieving and tending to your loved ones’ needs.  

4. An Insurance Company Offers A Meager Settlement

After an accident, it is difficult to fully account for its effects on you and your loved one’s lives. To add insult to injury, many insurance providers offer the lowest compensation they can. In desperation, some people accept it without knowing what the full amount could be. 


However, an accident attorney can quantify the financial and physical damages you deserve, then ensure that the insurance company provides it. 

5. An Accident Was Caused By a Government Agency

Finally, there are some cases in which a government agency causes an accident that injures a private citizen or damages their property. It can be enormously difficult to seek damages from a government entity without an experienced attorney’s help. 

But an attorney will have the expertise to open a case against a government agency as well as the experience and resources to help you through such a complicated case. 

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An attorney can build an accident case by collecting evidence and documentation. Then, they can present it in court, or to a negligent party’s insurance provider, to get you compensated. Davana Law specializes in automobile accident cases, premises liability claims, and personal injury cases. If you need a seasoned LA accident lawyer, or a personal injury attorney, seek out Davana Law Firm of Los Angeles. Our experienced litigators and professional attorneys have worked with numerous clients through the years, winning millions in damages and compensation. Contact us at (818) 501-1055 for more information and get in touch with an expert LA accident attorney today!