If someone dies due to another party’s intent or negligence, the victim’s family or dependents can sue the culpable. Specifically, a wrongful death attorney can seek damages on their behalf. And while every state’s personal injury laws differ slightly, a victim’s estate may sue a driver, premises owner, or manufacturer. 

If you need a professional wrongful death attorney in or around Los Angeles, CA, reach out to Davana Law Firm. Our expert legal team works in 9 practice specialties of personal injury law and speaks 3 different languages. Plus, we guarantee no legal fees will be charged until we win or settle your claim. So, let’s review the most frequently-sued parties in wrongful death cases: 

Frequently-Sued Parties for Wrongful Death

  1. A driver (or their employer) in an automobile accident
    In the United States, drunk driving accidents kill more than 10,000 people per year. In 2010, their associated costs and damages totaled $44 billion. Thus, drunk drivers account for a lot of these lawsuits. But any driver ruled at fault for a fatal accident could be sued for wrongful death.

    Additionally, if an employer knowingly hired a delivery or truck driver who lacked proper qualifications, that employer could face a wrongful death suit.
  2. The designer, builder, or owner of an unsafe establishment or property
    Buildings, roads, properties, and other constructed spaces must meet safety codes and protocols. If they do not, and someone dies due to their conditions, a few parties may be held at fault. The property’s designer, builder, or owner may be liable for neglecting the proper protocols and standards.
  3. A neglectful government agent or agency
    Of course, builders and owners don’t make the building codes; governments do. When conditions fail to meet their codes, governing boards must hold responsible parties accountable. If an agent signs off on a dangerous space or a committee sets subpar rules, they bear responsibility for accidents.
  4. A manufacturer or installation service for product liability
    Every year, manufacturers recall products (food, car parts, toys, etc.) from stores. In many cases, they discovered a problem that makes the recalled product dangerous for consumers. However, if they neglect to recall hazardous merchandise, they can be held liable for wrongful death.

    Alternatively, a service company (such as an auto repair shop) may be at fault if they neglect the proper installation method for a part.
  5. A medical practitioner or organization for malpractice
    Although medical malpractice constitutes a distinct field of personal injury law, instances of it can result in wrongful death. In that scenario, a neglectful practitioner or facility may be found at fault. 

Wrongful Death Lawsuits at Davana Law

As mentioned above, Davana Law employs professionals who specialize in wrongful death. If you need a legal expert in this realm, we can guide you through the complex process of filing a claim. We can also, if need be, represent you in court.

To make a wrongful death case, we would gather evidence of neglect or intention on the plaintiff’s part. This step is essential, as we must meet the burden of proof to make a successful case. Even if the defendant faces criminal charges, we can still file a lawsuit. 

Having filed a claim, one of two things will happen. The defendant may offer a settlement to the plaintiff (and negligence cases by large organizations usually go this route). However, the case may also go to trial, where your attorney would fight on your behalf. 

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