If you suffer a serious accident or injury, your recovery may be marred by difficult and painful side effects. Nevertheless, you can ease the stress of those effects by filing a claim for pain and suffering damages. You can increase the likelihood of receiving compensation you deserve by hiring a legal expert that is experienced in a variety of personal injury cases. 

At Davana Law Firm, our staff is composed of highly-qualified litigators and legal experts. We have helped hundreds of clients throughout Los Angeles County to secure the financial compensation they needed during recovery. Hiring an experienced LA accident attorney from Davana Law will ensure you get the best legal representation possible for your personal injury and accident case. 

Here is what you should know about making a “Pain and Suffering” claim:   

Defining “Pain & Suffering” In Legal Terms

First, let’s discuss “Pain & Suffering” in its legal sense. Such claims are distinct from the compensation that one may receive for damages you or your property receives after an accident. Instead, a pain and suffering claim provides compensation for the mental and physical stress that results from the accident.

In most states in the US, pain and suffering damages are part of what are called “general damages.” This term refers to non-economic losses and intangible effects of an accident, where monetary value is difficult to define. In comparison, economic damages like medical expenses and lost wages are easier to calculate, while pain and suffering is more subjective. 

An experienced accident attorney will be able to build and effectively argue a strong case for you, ensuring that you get the highest total in damages.     

Verifying A Pain & Suffering Claim

Before filing a pain and suffering claim, you’ll need to verify its legitimacy by compiling proof, which is easily and consistently done by our accident case attorneys at Davana Law Firm.

Proof may come in several forms and a variety of sources. Firstly, there’s personal evidence such as videos, photographs, or journals that report your physical and emotional state since the accident.

Also, you may use documentation from friends and family that attest to your condition. It may illustrate how your symptoms have developed negatively since your accident and/or injury.

Finally, and most importantly, documentation of treatment from a mental health professional provides considerable proof of the effects of an accident. These may include psychological conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. 

How Pain and Suffering Damages Are Calculated

As stated before, it’s difficult to calculate a sum for monetary compensation toward a pain and suffering claim. Nevertheless, attorneys utilize two methods that provide a reasonable estimate of how much their client should receive:

  • One method involves multiplying the plaintiff’s economic damages (medical bills + lost wages) with a number, usually between 1 and 5 – according to the severity of their clients’ condition from the accident. The total constitutes the amount of pain and suffering damages that the victim would receive.
  • Another method is a “per diem” approach. “Per diem” means per day, in that a certain amount of money per day, from the date of the accident to the day the client is confirmed to be fully-recovered, adds up to form the total amount in personal damages.     

Davana Law Firm: Experienced LA Accident Attorney 

The shock of an unexpected accident, as well as the pain and difficulty of recovering from potential injuries, brings on several consequences beyond medical costs and loss of income. To receive the full restitution that you deserve, seek assistance from a qualified LA accident attorney at Davana Law Firm. We do not charge our clients until we have successfully won your claim. We are experts in personal injury and accident law, with years of experience helping numerous clients win thousands in their cases. Contact us at (818)-501-1055 for more information and begin the process of winning your personal injury case today.