The pain and embarrassment that result from a slip & fall, or any other kind of injury, are unpleasant on their own. But what if your injury was due to someone else’s negligence? What if you miss work, lose wages, and need medical treatment because someone neglected to care for their property? 

If you’ve suffered an injury due to the condition of someone else’s property, you deserve financial support. Reach out to the expert legal team at Davana Law Firm and get a professional premises liability attorney to fight for you. We provide civil litigation services to people in Los Angeles and throughout California, and we don’t charge any fees until our clients win their claims. With over 500 successful settlements, we take pride in our track record. 

Below, we describe a few scenarios that qualify as premises liability cases as well as some key considerations that influence each one: 

Defining Premises Liability

Premises liability claims are considered personal injury cases, wherein an accident results in bodily harm. The victim of that harm (or their estate) will sue the responsible party or parties for damages. Accidents include everything from car collisions to wrongful deaths. 

However, premises liability involves more than just sustaining an injury on someone else’s property. The property’s owner must have deliberately neglected their land or building. Thus, a successful claim requires that the plaintiff present evidence of the defendant’s negligence. 

Personal injury cases are civil suits, as opposed to burglary and assault (which are criminal). Such cases are tried in civil court. So even if a county or state brings criminal charges against a party, a person may bring civil ones against the same party as well. 

Most Common Forms of Premises Liability

Depending on their understanding of the law, litigators consider a variety of scenarios as premises liability. The most common forms, which Davana Law works in, include: 

  1. Slip & fall: Rather than simple clumsiness, such cases involve property negligence. For instance, a wet floor that lacks warnings or signage may result in a slip & fall. The same goes for unsafe flooring and uneven ground. 
  2. Unsafe conditions: This broad label applies to manifold events. These include neglected maintenance, inadequate security, elevator/escalator accidents, chemical leaks, and building code violations. 
  3. Dog bites: If a dog injures someone, its owner may be held liable for the incident. The conditions of the encounter (as well as state laws) determine culpability for such incidents. Nevertheless, a plaintiff must still prove the owner’s negligence.

Influential Factors in Premises Liability

We outlined the scenarios above with relative ease, but that belies the reality of these cases. In reality, a variety of details affect the outcome of every such lawsuit. Nevertheless, an expert can sort through those details, which is one benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer

The largest influence on such cases is the state wherein the accident took place. Every state has its statutes regarding personal injury claims. California, for instance, has strict liability dog bite laws wherein owners take full responsibility for injuries. But the same is not true in other states. 

Furthermore, every state determines its property owners’ duties of care. Once again, these duties differ across the country. Some states expect owners to take care of all visitors who enter their property. Others shift owners’ responsibilities depending on the kind of visitor. 

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