If you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may have suitable grounds to file a personal injury claim. Indeed, by presenting evidence of your damages, a court or the negligent party’s insurance provider may award you compensation for the expenses caused by the accident. Let’s break down the basics of accident claims with a personal injury lawyer to expedite your path to fair compensation.

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Before You File a Claim 

Following any accident, your health and well-being must take precedence. Prioritize receiving a thorough medical evaluation of your injuries before pursuing legal action. Whether you feel immediate pain or not, personal injuries can take mental and physical tolls that manifest long after their inciting incident.

Forgoing medical treatment can also put you at a disadvantage in legal proceedings. Without proof of treatment, the responsible party will call the severity of your injuries into question, undermining your compensation claim. To strengthen your case and ensure your well-being, follow your doctor’s recommended treatment plan and document the associated paperwork. 

Personal Injury Claim Steps

1.) Contact an Attorney 

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you calculate and recover the full scope of your damages. Moreover, their experience enables them to advise you on the case’s merits, legal options, and negotiation strategies. Understanding the legal intricacies of personal injury claims without legal counsel presents an intimidating challenge, particularly while you recover.

2.) Set Up a Claim 

If a third party’s negligence caused your incident, you and your attorney will contact the individual and their insurance company to file a claim. There are often deadlines associated with official claim documents, so having an attorney to complete paperwork while you recover is crucial to case success. During this phase of the claim timeline, continue to collect evidence of your medical treatments, lost wages, and more to prepare for future negotiations. 

3.) Negotiate a Settlement 

Finally, using evidence they’ve collected, your personal injury lawyer will demand compensation from the responsible party. Doing so may require “back and forth,” in which the responsible party’s insurance may not offer an agreeable amount. Consult your attorney before accepting compensation to ensure it covers the full extent of your incurred damages. 

Turn to a Successful California Personal Injury Lawyer personal injury lawyer California

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