The increasing number of vehicular accidents that occur in Los Angeles county boosts the odds that you’ll be involved in one. You can prepare for this scenario by outlining a game plan: if you are injury-free, try to gather evidence (including pictures, videos, and witnesses’ contact information) of the crash for your case. Then, get in touch with a knowledgeable accident attorney for help. Their years of experience and successful cases will help you receive compensation for your damages.

Davana Law Firm offers highly-qualified automobile accident and personal injury attorneys for residents of Los Angeles. Our firm has won over 500 cases and, in turn, hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. We specialize in a variety of personal injury cases, including wrongful death, premises liability, automobile accidents, and much more. To ensure that your case is successful, contact Davana Law today.

Below, we discuss a few ways to ensure you can prove fault in your accident case: 

Proving Fault In a Vehicle Accident

Collect Evidence at the Scene if Possible

Proving fault in an accident often comes down to the evidence gathered from the scene after the collision. Thus, following such an incident, check yourself for injuries and ensure you can safely exit your car then observe and document your surroundings. 

To do so, take pictures and videos with your cell phone. These will serve as proof for either your insurance company or in court if the case becomes a lawsuit against the negligent driver. Also, record the driving conditions around the time of the accident (note if they include heavy rain or snow). Additionally, you should record the approximate time of the accident.

We recommend that you avoid admitting the possibility of fault at the scene. Doing so could diminish the strength of your car accident case later on. When possible, contact an attorney at Davana Law Firm. They can use the evidence you gathered to build a strong case. 

Obtain the Police’s Accident Report

Usually, police will attend the scene of an accident and create a report on it. That accident report can help specify who is at fault in your case later on. Make sure that the accident attorney you’ve hired gets a copy of it. 

They will contact the traffic division of your local police department or the law enforcement agency of the county where the accident took place. The report may contain the opinions and observations of the officer that was at the scene. 

This is very useful for expert accident attorneys in vehicle accident cases, as such notes can help them prove whether one party violated a traffic law or received a citation for their negligent driving.

Look Up State Traffic Laws That Apply

The officer at the scene may or may not record a violation that led to the accident. Your attorney will want to review that evidence as well as the laws within your state’s vehicle code. Moreover, they will have the legal knowledge that will bolster your case and prove the other party was at fault.

This process also involves recalling the events that lead to the accident, including driving speed, location, driving conditions, etc. Doing so underscores the importance of documenting details of the accident as soon as possible. 

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