Vehicular accidents are all too common in the US. In the past year alone, more than 4.8 million people were injured in car crashes across the country. Considering that the pandemic had pulled many drivers from their daily commutes, that statistic is staggering. It conveys the importance of both vehicular safety and knowing where to find an experienced car accident lawyer.

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Below, we outline the elements that constitute a strong claim for a car accident case: 

Accident Claim Ingredients

  1. Evidence from the crash
    A claim is only as strong as the evidence it rests on. That’s why our leading tip to win an accident lawsuit is to collect and preserve the relevant evidence. However, you may struggle to do so in the aftermath of a crash, especially if you were injured.

    You should obtain the other party’s name, license, insurance details, and car registration as well as photos of the accident scene. If the police were called, ask them for a copy of their report. Also, ask any witnesses for statements about what they saw.

    If your accident left you too injured to gather these materials, your lawyer can do so on your behalf. They will need to be familiar with it one way or another.
  2. Medical documentation
    While it seems obvious to seek medical help if you’re injured, you should do so even if you feel relatively unharmed. A doctor can establish whether you suffered injuries and, if so, recommend a treatment plan to get you healthy again.

    It’s essential to do this–and to get a record of it–for damages payments later on. If you end up in physical therapy or counseling due to the crash, medical documentation must establish that connection. This can get you a settlement that covers medical expenses.
  3. A full damages valuation
    Speak to your accident attorney about the types of damages that you could seek compensation for. Along with those for your car, you can claim lost wages, emotional suffering, and more as effects of your accident. Indeed, this is a key reason to hire an attorney even for accidents that aren’t your fault.

    Furthermore, when you first approach the other party’s insurance company, be wary of their initial offer. They may offer a relatively small amount upfront in the hope that you will take it without question. In reality, your claim may be worth much more.

    If that insurance company makes an initial offer, you must gather materials to illustrate why it is insufficient. You should factor future damages into these calculations, especially if your injuries will take a long time to heal.
  4. Swift and methodic case-building
    It may seem contradictory to suggest that you make a case quickly and deliberately. Nevertheless, you and your lawyer cannot afford to wait or to miss details. Statutes of limitations apply in many states and evidence may fall through the cracks as time passes.

    More importantly, convincing an insurance company or a court of your claim requires detailed evidence. This is when an experienced attorney becomes crucial, one who knows what evidence you need and how to acquire it.
  5. Hire a good car accident attorney
    Speaking of which, the last critical element of a strong accident case is a great attorney. A lawyer can help you receive compensation in many accident scenarios and even represent your interests when you cannot. Their experience informs all their strategies, many of which we mentioned above.

    Accident attorneys will also have a well of knowledge of building a case. They may advise that you avoid social media and speak carefully with insurance companies. Thus, no matter the extent of your accident or culpability, you should hire suitable representation.

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