Numerous factors go into calculating the total amount of damages a victim receives for their injury claim. Of course, most individuals don’t know the full range of these factors and may accept less than they deserve. However, with assistance from a seasoned personal injury law firm, you or your loved one can earn the reimbursement you need to help you physically and financially recover.

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Below, we discuss why you should consider your losses for the sake of your injury case then list the types of losses that factor into the sum of damages:

Why Consider Losses For My Injury Case?

If you or someone you care for suffers a personal injury due to another party’s negligence or wrongdoing, you must identify the full extent of the losses that result. Doing so is part of building a strong case. 

Also, determining your losses helps you figure out how much you are owed in damages. The responsible party or their insurance company should meet that amount. 

By doing your due diligence and calculating your total losses, you will have evidence of them to present to the insurance company or in court.

The Types of Losses To Consider

  • Lost Wages & PTO

One easily identifiable type of loss is your forfeited wages. This amount is what you didn’t earn while in recovery or because your injury prevented you from working your previous job. This also includes the paid time-off you used for your recovery, which is reserved for when you are out sick or on vacation. 

  • Cost of Repair/Replacement

Along with lost wages, there is also the cost of repairs or replacing your property. This applies specifically to cases in which your property was damaged during the event that caused your personal injury. A common example is a car in a serious automobile accident

With an experienced personal injury attorney, you can also include other personal property, including your electronics, jewelry, or other similar belongings.

  • Medical Costs

The cost of medical care is another form of loss that is easily identifiable and among the first calculated toward the total sum of your damages. These include the costs of ambulance services, doctor visits, prescription medications, x-rays, and more. 

Insurance companies often reimburse most, if not only a portion, of your medical costs. But with the help of an attorney to help build a strong personal injury claim, you are more likely to get a high reimbursement.

  • Pain & Suffering

Finally, the most amorphous form of loss among others is pain and suffering, which is based on the severity of your injuries and the effects they have had on your life after first receiving them. 

This includes any persistent pain you’ve felt since being injured, and any emotional turmoil you’ve felt since the event that injured you. 

Of course, the amount you should receive for this form of loss is difficult to negotiate, whether in court or with an insurance company, without a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to back you up. 

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