No one travels from place to place trying to get hurt. Yet it seems to happen in certain locations with regularity. Some of these settings are public—sidewalks, stairs, and decks. Others are private or specialized such as old buildings, worksites, and unfinished spaces. Nevertheless, if you are injured on someone else’s property in Los Angeles, CA, call Davana Law for an experienced premises liability lawyer

We are California’s most trusted personal injury lawyers, ready to represent you before insurance providers and courts. Our legal experts take time to learn about our clients and their cases to provide the best services they can. With over 9 practice specialties, we can help you receive the financial compensation you need to cover damages. Plus, we guarantee to charge no fees until we win your case – and we’ve won over 500 personal injury cases.

Below, we list common sites of personal injuries and describe some details of personal injury cases:

Frequent Injury Sites

  • Sidewalks
    First, let’s review common types of premises liability cases: slip & falls, unsafe conditions, and dog bites. Although each case type entails different injuries, all are considered personal injuries and fall under the umbrella of premises liability.

    Personal injuries on sidewalks usually bring about either slip & fall or unsafe conditions cases. Depending on who owns them – or manages their status – sidewalks can be uneven or in poor repair. Bad weather can worsen these factors and result in harm. Thus, property owners must care for them or contact city officials about doing so.
  • Stairs, escalators, and elevators
    Next, we can group areas of vertical movement – stairs, escalators, and elevators – as another type of frequent injury site. Stairs may have awkward dimensions and become unsafe for folks climbing them. Plus, loose steps or insecure railings can make their height dangerous.

    Escalators and elevators, meanwhile, can fail due to technical or mechanical issues. Belongings may get caught in escalator parts and injure their owner. An elevator jolt may cause a fall. Either way, the owner of a property with escalators/elevators must care for these systems to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Decks
    If you make a personal injury claim, what must your premises liability case prove? Usually, 3 factors come into play: the property owner broke their duty of care, your injuries resulted from that break, and damages accrued from your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you prove these three things.

    Whether owned by an individual or a business, a deck can be a dangerous surface. Its finish may get slick when wet, and the building materials rot over time. Like other locations, a property owner must care for the structure.
  • Parking lots
    A parking lot can make a tricky legal case depending on the nature of the injuries. If cars collide due to unsafe driving, that may constitute an automobile accident case. Likewise, a pedestrian struck by a car may seek a personal injury claim against the driver.

    However, injuries caused by poor lighting or cracked pavement in a parking garage may be a premises liability case. Given the complexity of individual cases, speaking with an accomplished litigator may help you determine a path forward.
  • Worksites
    We’ve now mentioned several benefits of hiring a slip & fall lawyer, so we recap them here. First, they can take the lead on your case – which may be necessary, depending on your injuries. They can also represent you in court, should your case go that far. Finally, an experienced lawyer can get you a higher settlement than you’d receive on your own.

    Worksites are particularly dangerous places and could cause a variety of injuries. Whether you walk through or work on one, you can still earn compensation for premises liability.
  • Old buildings
    Even if a building isn’t under active construction or in shambles, it can still cause injuries to unsuspecting visitors. Many “old” buildings – roughly 100 years old or more – have narrow staircases and low ceilings. Their fixtures may also have loosened over time. Folks unfamiliar with these elements could be unfortunate victims of unsafe conditions.
  • Unfinished basements
    Similar to a worksite, an unfinished basement has multiple hazards that could cause injury. For instance, a low-hanging ceiling with exposed floor joists may lead to a head collision. A wet floor could lead to a slip and fall. Rusty nails or tools can scratch and lead to infection as well. 

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