Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of personal injury in Los Angeles, California. Should you or a loved one suffer a car accident due to another person’s negligence, you must understand how to recover damages. Seeking legal action may not atone for the emotional distress or physical injuries caused by the accident, yet it can help alleviate the crash’s financial burdens. Enlist a car wreck lawyer to help determine liability and demand compensation from the responsible parties.

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Below, we explain who you can sue in a car accident case: 

Why Should You Sue?

Regardless of their severity, car accidents create pain, trauma, and overwhelming emotions for those involved. In some cases, these incidents lead to a complete life upheaval. The aftermath of a crash may involve time off from work, expensive medical bills, and other financial challenges. Holding the negligent or reckless driver responsible for their actions can offset these burdens. 

In the event of a car crash, the California Civil Code (CIV) § 1714 states that you may take legal action against the driver responsible for your injuries, property damage, and associated costs. Drivers are accountable for maintaining ordinary care on the road, and failure to do so makes them liable for the harm they cause. Speaking with a personal injury and car accident lawyer is the first step in pursuing justice. 

Who is Liable? car wreck lawyer California

Automobile cases can look distinct depending on what car hit you. Examples of at-fault people you can sue in the state of California include: 


  • Passenger Car Collisions: California law states that in a two-car collision wherein a passenger vehicle strikes your car, you can seek compensation from the at-fault driver. If the driver is not the vehicle’s owner, you may be able to pursue legal action against the owner as well.

  • Commercial Vehicle Collisions: Accidents involving passenger vehicles struck by commercial vehicles also warrant legal action. Consult your lawyer for specifics, as they may suggest you sue the corporation that owns or leases the automobile. 

  • Municipal Vehicle Collisions: If a public works vehicle, public transportation, or emergency vehicle hits you, you may be entitled to sue the municipality. Since these are city-owned vehicles, they may be liable for the damages they cause. 

  • Vehicle Manufacturer: In some cases, car defects and malfunctions are to blame for dangerous accidents. You could sue the car’s manufacturer when injured or suffering from a defect-caused car crash.

  • Insurance Companies: In the eyes of the law, victims of hit-and-runs are involved in an accident where the at-fault driver has fled the site. Should your insurance company decline to cover your damages, your lawyer can help you pursue them for financial coverage. 


In any instance, a qualified attorney that specializes in car accidents will help you decipher who you can pursue legal action against. 

How a Lawyer Can Support You 

During your recovery after an accident, a dedicated advocate can be critical. A personal injury lawyer will leverage their expertise to navigate you through the legal process and achieve a favorable outcome. Lawyers well-versed in car accident matters gather pertinent evidence (including police reports and medical bills), determine liability, and evaluate the extent of your damages. 

Hiring a proficient car accident attorney can increase the compensation you receive to cover the medical bills, loss of property, emotional distress, loss of earnings, and other damages than the compensation you’d receive without a lawyer. Their presence alone at the negotiation table can transform the trajectory of your case. 

Speak to an Experienced California Car Wreck Lawyer

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